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“Voprosi ocenki” greets its readers and welcomes its future authors

Since 1996 the Russian Society of Appraisers edits and publishes “Voprosi Ocenki” (The Appraisal Issues), a professional academic and practical quarterly journal to promote the research in valuation theory, highlighting its latest advances, practical applications and related institutional matters, at home or abroad, among the contingent of appraisal professionals, policymakers and consumers of valuation services.

Articles which are carried in the Journal are written by the leading domestic and international contributors who attained high professional status or academic recognition in their area of appraisal practice or theory.

All articles which relate to the subjects of business and property professional appraisal practice, valuation theory and empirical research, accounting measurements, and the related institutional matters are considered for publication with the “Voprosi Ocenki” Journal through the single-blind peer-review process. At the present, the circulation of the “Voprosi Ocenki” periodical is limited to the hard-copy form, with its back-issues for 1996-2008 archived for open access in the "Архив изданий РОО" section of this website. Subscription to the Journal is available through the Postal Publications Index Catalogues, or the Russian Society of Appraisers’ Library Service.

Guidelines for contributors:

The medium of publication is Russian. Papers submitted in English are considered for publication on the general basis. Subject to the favorable outcome of the peer-review process, such papers are translated into Russian at the publisher’s expense.

Contributions received should be structured and formatted as follows:

  • Author’s information (family and the given names, academic status, business position, the name of associated institution, city or town of residence, contact details (phone and E-mail)).
  • Article title;
  • Keywords;
  • Abstract, of around 300 words in length (outlining the content of the paper, its novelty, practical or theoretical relevance);
  • Main body of the Paper (usually, not in excess of 30-40 pages set in Times New Roman, font size 12, double spaced).

Reference sources (both in Russian and Romanic alphabets). The style of referencing pursued is one according to GOST 7.1.-2003 “The Bibliographic Description of documents”. References in the main body of the text are parenthesized in square brackets (e.g. “the history of valuation theory has been subjected to numerous analyses in modern times, see [4], [5], [6]…”)

Formulas should be set in the Word Equation Editor. Only those formulas should be numbered that have references to them in the main body of the text.

Submissions are received electronically in MS Office Word format (1997- 2009 versions). They are welcomed at: info@sroroo.ru or pr@sroroo.ru (marked as “Voprosi Ocenki Submission”).

All contributors should be ready to sign the Originality and Ethics Compliance Statement prior to their Papers being accepted for the peer-review process. Such forms will be sent to them by a reply E-mail acknowledging their contribution and should be returned signed by the author(s) in the pdf format or posted to the Russian Society of Appraisers HQ address (marked “To the Voprosi Ocenki editor”). Authors are liable for the veracity of information reported in their Originality and Ethics Compliance Statements.

All Submissions are subject to the single-blind peer-review process (which usually takes up to 8-12 weeks). Contributing authors should be ready to give response to the reviewer’s comments and/or introduce improving changes into their Papers as suggested by the reviewers or editors.

Publications with the Voprosi Ocenki are made on the free-of-charge basis (Archives “Voprosi ocenki”) .

Registration information:

Publisher: the Russian Society of Appraisers; 2A, 1st Basmannyi pereulok, office 5, Moscow, Russia, 105 066
Tel. +7 495 662 7425
Fax. +7 499 267 8718
E-mail: info@sroroo.ru , pr@sroroo.ru
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